¿What is Textile?

¿What's Textile?

Textile is a free and open tool for writers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and any amazing human being who's looking forward to write a book, with style.
Travel across time with your words, and your words will travel across all your devices with Textile. Customize your texts, add images and even complex mathematical expressions. Compress all your works, complete or unique item into many formats, readables by every artificial intelligence.
Be a mockingbird and throw away your texts to all sorts of places.


Textile works offline.
It's database, designed to allow synchronization between devices has opened five different doors to make your data sync between a PC, tablet or phone. And only one door requires Internet.
Your data will be able to sync across Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, database files and the cloud...
Where the magic is just getting started.


Who doesn't have a story?
A passion, a love, a formula, a trick, a discovery, a shadow, a secret?
Having so many forms of life, you cannot hide behind any excuse. Life is mindboggling.
And we found the pattern to be who we are today in books.

  • Multiplatform

    Textile is designed to run in all the platforms. We are just getting started, and we're doing everything we can so your data can travel throughout the cloud─as you often do.

  • Documenting

    Your work is saved in realtime when you type, create a project, or any other thing. Don't worry about losing data.
    Export your DB to .textile, or PDF, EPUB, TXT, etc.

  • Math

    We use LaTeX technology with a readable structure.
    This will help you present your theories, formulas, expressions, equations, and more.

  • Sync

    Everytime you do something, a new revision is saved so the sync can work. It makes sense. It's database is atomic therefore neither your phone, tablet or PC will feel the difference.